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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Romney Backer Disses Southern Voters

David Frum (contributing editor to Daily Beast/Newsweek, and CNN contributor), a Mitt Romney backer, had a conniption fit (which is far worse than a hissy fit) over Rick Santorum's victories in Mississippi and Alabama. Apparently from his tweets on twitter, Mr. Frum doesn't think very highly of southern voters who are evangelicals and live in rural areas. In fact, Mr. Frum doesn't seem to think too highly of rural voters at all.

Below are a few of his tweets from twitter which he sent out after Rick Santorum had been declared the winner in both Mississippi and Alabama:

davidfrum ‏
Good news for Santorum. If he is the GOP nominee, Republicans will win a lot of counties. Bad news: not many votes.
davidfrum ‏
RT @xxxxxx l'd say more that he's candidate of rural everywhere. Look at Ohio, Iowa
davidfrum ‏
Bottom line: Santorum is candidate not of South, but of rural South. Think what that means in a general election
davidfrum ‏
Same pattern in Alabama. Romney wins Montgomery & Birmingham.
davidfrum ‏
If Santo cannot win Jackson, MS, he cannot win Raleigh-Durham.
davidfrum ‏
What today's results tell me: If Santo is nominee, Obama wins North Carolina.
davidfrum ‏
Question for Republican primary voters: do you think rural Mississippi looks like America?

So apparently in Mr. Frum's view, evangelical, southern, rural voters don't have enough common sense to know what's good for us. He also says that rural Mississippi, and I would guess rural anywhere else doesn't “look like America”, which is atypical thinking of those who live in the Washington, D.C. Beltway, as Mr. Frum does. It also seems to be the thinking of main stream media types in the larger metropolitan areas as well. They think that the metro areas are America and that the rest of us are “fringe Americans” who really don't count.

I would like to tell Mr. Frum, that many southerners were insulted and felt they were being mocked by Mitt Romney's dissing of our speech with his “y'all” and his pretending to love cheese grits. We may love our cheese grits but we don't like cheesy politicians who flip-flop like a fish stranded on a river bank.

We see Mitt Romney for what he is, Mr. Frum. And that is the 2012 version of John McCain. The only difference being that Mitt Romney has better hair, a better wardrobe, and more money. Although he might possibly be better at flip-flopping than McCain was.

So we will vote for who we think the best man is for us, and for the United States of America. For me, that man Mr. Frum is Rick Santorum. And remember this...if Mitt Romney can't win the south now he can not win it in November either.

And if you, and your other Romney backers in the media don't like it...that's just too bad!

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