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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Articles: The Political Reality Behind the HHS Mandate

The following excerpts are from an article on “American Thinker” by Janice Shaw Crouse, entitled “The Political Reality Behind the HHS Mandate”:

  • The inescapable conclusion? The president is dependent upon continued feminist support for his re-election. He is more than willing to throw religious rights voters "under the bus" to appease the "new American electorate." His policy agenda melds with theirs so he has no inner conflict over the choice; he knows he won't get the vote of the "faithful" anyway. Those coldly political calculations set the stage for the health policy mandates that shred religious liberty.

  • Obama's birth control mandate requiring employers, even religious institutions, to cover birth control for their female employees is another instance where the president relies on the women's abortion rights groups to mask his attack on religious freedom.

Click the link below to read the entire article:

Articles: The Political Reality Behind the HHS Mandate

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