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Friday, March 23, 2012

Media Getting Desperate to Be Rid Of Santorum et al?

The following is a post from just minutes ago from "Tea Party Patriots" on Facebook. My answers are below the post.

We need your feedback! Please comment on the questions below:

I am getting media calls to find out what you think about the Presidential Election. 

Do you think the effort should be to coalesce around 1 candidate? 

Do you think since Gov. Romney is ahead in delegate votes that the others should suspend campaigns? 

Do you think Etch-a-Sketch comment will hurt him? 

How enthusiastic are you about Presidential elections? 

Do you prefer for focus to be on the Senate, House, and state and/or local races rather than Presidential race? 

Thanks! -Jxxxx Bxxx

Steve Smith
1. It is too early to coalesece around one candidate, especially if that candidate is Mitt Romney (Obama-Lite).
2.The delegate count is still too soon to name Romney the heir apparent just yet. When he loses in Louisiana it will be clear that he can not win in the south, which the nominee will need to beat Obama.
3. The Etch - a - Sketch candidate was what many of us knew Romney to be already, the Great Flip-Flopper.
4. I am seldom enthusiastic about the presidential elections, but I am enthusiastic for Santorum to be the nominee.
5. I try to focus on all the major races before state and local races.

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