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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ground Zero cross can stay at 9/11 museum, appeals court rules - The Washington Post

The following excerpts are from The Washington Post:

NEW YORK — A cross-shaped beam from the wreckage of the World Trade Center can remain on display in the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum at Ground Zero, a three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, dismissing a lawsuit brought by atheists.

American Atheists filed a federal suit in 2012 claiming the 17-foot display at the museum built with a mix of public and private funds was unconstitutional. The group said its members suffered from both physical and emotional damages from the presence of the beamed cross, resulting in headaches, indigestion and mental pain.

The atheist group filed an appeal after a lower court dismissed the lawsuit, shifting the focus from the cross to asking for an added plaque that would say something like “atheists died, too.”

An observer would understand that the cross was also an inclusive symbol for any persons seeking hope and comfort in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, federal Judge Reena Raggi wrote in the court’s decision.

Such an observer would not understand the effect of displaying an artifact with such an inclusive past in a Museum devoted to the history of the September 11 attacks to be the divisive one of promoting religion over nonreligion,” she wrote. “Nor would he think the primary effect of displaying The Cross at Ground Zero to be conveying a message to atheists that they are somehow disfavored ‘outsiders,’ while religious believers are favored ‘insiders,’ in the political community.”

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Ground Zero cross can stay at 9/11 museum, appeals court rules - The Washington Post

Monday, July 28, 2014

European Court: Gay Marriage is not a Human Right

The following excerpts are from C-FAM (Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute)::

NEW YORK, July 25 (C-FAM) The highest human rights court in Europe shattered hopes that it would judicially impose same-sex marriage when it told a male to female transsexual and his wife that a civil union should be good enough for them.

European human rights law does not require countries to “grant access to marriage to same-sex couples,” according to a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in a case that tests the remote boundaries of possibility in law and fact.

The parties to the litigation and supporters of same-sex marriage acknowledge the result was predictable. Nevertheless the judgment has a devastating effect on gay rights in Europe, dashing hopes that same-sex “marriage” can become a reality there. The facts of the case are distinctive.

Heli Hämäläinen of Finland had a sex change operation in 2009 to appear anatomically as a woman, despite having fathered a child with his wife of over 10 years in 2002. Before the operation, he tried to change his legal identity from male to female without success.

He sued before the European court when he was told that it would not be possible so long as he remained married, because Finland does not allow persons of the same sex to marry each other. Hämäläinen and his spouse insist that their religious beliefs prevent them from seeking a divorce and that civil unions do not give them the same benefits as marriage in Finnish law.

The European court was unequivocal. It not only said that European human rights law does not contemplate same-sex marriage, it said that civil unions are good enough for same-sex couples.

The court confirmed that the protection of the traditional institution of marriage is a valid state interest—implicitly endorsing the view that relations between persons of the same sex are not identical to marriage between a man and a woman, and may be treated differently in law.

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European Court: Gay Marriage is not a Human Right

Saturday, July 26, 2014

IRAQ - VATICAN Saddened by "the timidity of the civilised world," Baghdad patriarch's heart bleeding "for the innocent in Iraq, Syria and Gaza" - Asia News

The following excerpts are from

Baghdad (AsiaNews) - With a heart bleeding "for the innocent who die or are driven from their homes," his thoughts turned to the "the situation in Iraq, Syria and Gaza" and full sadness for the timidity of the civilised world towards us" as well as the lack of action by the international community, Louis Sako, patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans (Baghdad) wrote to Card Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon (France). His message will be heard today during a march organised by the diocese in solidarity with Iraqi Christians, whose fate has become tragic after the invasion of north central Iraq by the Islamic Army, which set up an Islamic Caliphate in Mosul, and issued in recent days an edict calling on Christians either convert to Islam, pay the dhimmi tax or abandon everything and flee.

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IRAQ - VATICAN Saddened by "the timidity of the civilised world," Baghdad patriarch's heart bleeding "for the innocent in Iraq, Syria and Gaza" - Asia News

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kidnapped Assyrian Nuns Released

Sister Utoor Joseph (left) and Sister Miskintah, who were kidnapped June 28 in Mosul, have been released (photo: Ishtar TV).

The following excerpts are from

The Assyrian website is reporting that five Assyrians, including two nuns, have been released. Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako said via telephone the victims are now in the city of Dohuk (Assyrian Noohadra) and in good health. No ransom was paid for their release.

The two Chaldean nuns from the Daughters of Mary Order, Sister Miskintah and Sister Utoor Joseph, as well as Hala Salim, Sarah Khoshaba and Aram Sabah were kidnapped on June 28.

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Kidnapped Assyrian Nuns Released

Monday, July 14, 2014

G.O.P. Animosity For Everything Conservative

The GOP seems intent on dismissing the Tea Party, and conservatives in general, as an embarrassment that is best gotten rid of by any means necessary, even to the point of utilizing dirty tricks such as those used by the Democrats for years.

Paying registered Democrats... many who had already voted in the Democratic primary in illegally vote again in the Republican primary... is just one example of the GOP's determination to some have called it...Democratic Party #2.

Why did the GOP lose the last two elections to President Barack Obama? Because either they were determined to rid themselves of the conservative "embarrassment" and play to the independents, the undecideds, or they just took the conservatives.... both those in the party and those conservative independents... votes for granted.

What they did accomplish, was to alienate the conservatives altogether, and lost elections that could and would have turned out differently, if they had given us a viable conservative candidate, instead of giving us two wishy-washy flip floppers who gave lip service to whatever group they were in front of at any particular time.

Thus, the GOP by its actions caused conservative voters to either stay home or vote third party. The GOP has apparently not learned anything.

So, GOP take note. The wishy washy candidates you love are not what the voters want. Period. And don't try thinking you can appease us by having every two bit flip flopper you have telling us they are the "conservative choice". Stop thinking we are dumb, and that we are just a bunch of sheep that can be led by someone proclaiming themselves "conservative". We know who the real conservatives are...and are not.

What you, the GOP, fails to understand....or chooses to that we conservatives are informed. We know what is going on better than you seem to understand, and apparently, we are more informed and concerned about the direction of this nation than you are because we are living it. Every day.