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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OPINION: Greed and the Holidays

"Marley's Ghost"
 -- by John Leech

So once again I keep seeing the lists of stores that will be "open" on Thanksgiving Day. They will be open with their "specials" beginning for the Christmas shopping season..

What they don't bother saying is, they really won't be waiting until 6...7....or 8 Thanksgiving evening to "open". Nope, far from it. They will have been open the whole live long day, especially the 24-hour "super stores" where they doze, but never close...except maybe on Christmas Day... but the number of businesses closed even then continues to shrink.

What they really mean is, that they must fulfill their greed for the almighty dollar in order to satisfy their shoppers greed for things. For stuff. For the latest in newest toy fad.

Yes, they will be there to collect their millions...maybe even billions...from people who just have to make sure that junior has the latest that they can "keep up" with their neighbors.

Forget about being thankful for health...for life...for what we already have and for who we are. Don't worry about being thankful for family, loved ones, and friends. Don't worry about being thankful for any of that. You have all kinds of time to be thankful for all of those things.

You can always spend time with family and friends later. Unless you are an employee of those businesses...both large and small... where the company bottom line is much more important than you or your family and friends. The company must be sure to get their nickel so someone else doesn't get it instead.

Yes, you can be thankful after the shopping season is over and done with. Then you can contribute to the company bottom line once again by having your hours cut...or even being laid off until spring. Don't you feel thankful?

It makes me feel as though none of these businesses that insist on feeding their lust for wealth...have never read "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

If they have read it, then surely the lesson was lost on them. For when greed is the primary...the most motivating factor....then sooner or later, that greed will lead to your own isolation, and your own loss.

Rest assured though. You won't have a ghost from Christmas past, present, or future showing up to lead you away from ruin.

Then again, all that matters to them and their stockholders is the bottom line, right? People are just another commodity that can be taken and discarded at a whim.

So, rest assured, even though I have to work on Thanksgiving Day for part of the day, I will not be contributing to anyone else having to work by shopping at any store, large or small.

And you can take that to the bank!

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