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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Opinion: Stop Blaming the Conservatives

So, the election is well past over. Mitt Romney lost. Barack Obama won a second term much to the chagrin of many.

Most conservatives...the real ones at least...were not surprised. I had many people get angry with me back in the spring, because I said the only difference between Mitt Romney and John McCain, was that Romney had more money, a better wardrobe, and better hair. One lady got extremely upset with me when I said that Mitt Romney looked more like one of the male models for the box front of a mens hair coloring product than a presidential candidate.

Some people have no sense of humor.

I had people who were even more incensed when I said on Facebook back last April or May, that Mitt Romney could not beat Obama. A few I am sure, unfriended me because of that observation.

When I made my post supporting Rick Santorum for the Republican nomination back on January 31, of this year, one of the things that I said was this:

I have watched as the mainstream media has worked overtime in trying to tell us who the best nominee would be, when we all know where their loyalties apparently lie. They hope to convince the people that they know better than the people who the people's best choice would be.

Yes, the mainstream media kept proclaiming Romney the “nominee” in essence if not in fact at the time. One would have thought then, that if people who watched the 2008 race had remotely been paying attention at all, they would have recalled that this same mainstream media was building up John McCain as the nominee. And guess what? Both men the mainstream media hyped as the nominee, lost.

Here's a clue for you. If the mainstream media is continuously pointing someone out as the the heir apparent... it is because they are hoping that there are still enough people out there who will buy it, and because there are some people...many people I believe... who want to have voted for the “perceived winner”, and then they will vote for the guy who is actually the worst candidate available.

The worst part of this is, that the GOP bought it themselves. Again. Hook, line, and sinker. Especially sinker.

Then they had Karl Rove, Ann Coulter and others going on every news show, every radio talk show they could get on, leading the cheers for Romney. Newt Gingrich was not liked they said....Rick Santorum was too far right on social issues they said...Herman Cain was inexperienced in public office they said...Michelle Bachmann was too extreme they said...and on and on and on.

The GOP now wants to point fingers at the conservative base...the natural marriage people....the pro-life people....the pro-Constitution people...the conservatives who make up the heart of the GOP and blame us for Romney losing. They said we stayed at home....that we voted third party...we didn't support Romney enough. They are ready to throw us under the bus...and then back the bus up, and run over us again.

We have John McCain going on television, and saying if we have pro-life views, it is OK to have them, but we should keep “quiet” about it. Mr. McCain should be the one keeping quiet as he has already shown he doesn't know how to win a presidential race, and shouldn't be telling us to “keep quiet”.

Yes Mr. McCain, the economy is important...but so are the social issues and they need to be expressed and not ignored like Mr. Romney chose to ignore them.

The GOP needs to learn something that is apparent to everyone outside of the “inside” political circles. The mainstream media does not like Republicans. They never have in my lifetime and they never will. So stop getting excited if they are lauding your “moderate candidate”. No moderate candidate can or will win the presidency. That's why they are lauding them. Until the election starts that is, and then they will turn on you.

And if you want the GOP to remain a viable, electable party, stop blaming the Tea Party...stop blaming the pro-lifers....stop blaming the social and fiscal conservatives because we are the GOP. If you keep giving us McCain's and Romney's for candidates...and keep giving us the blame for your major screw-ups, there won't be a GOP.

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