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Monday, July 14, 2014

G.O.P. Animosity For Everything Conservative

The GOP seems intent on dismissing the Tea Party, and conservatives in general, as an embarrassment that is best gotten rid of by any means necessary, even to the point of utilizing dirty tricks such as those used by the Democrats for years.

Paying registered Democrats... many who had already voted in the Democratic primary in illegally vote again in the Republican primary... is just one example of the GOP's determination to some have called it...Democratic Party #2.

Why did the GOP lose the last two elections to President Barack Obama? Because either they were determined to rid themselves of the conservative "embarrassment" and play to the independents, the undecideds, or they just took the conservatives.... both those in the party and those conservative independents... votes for granted.

What they did accomplish, was to alienate the conservatives altogether, and lost elections that could and would have turned out differently, if they had given us a viable conservative candidate, instead of giving us two wishy-washy flip floppers who gave lip service to whatever group they were in front of at any particular time.

Thus, the GOP by its actions caused conservative voters to either stay home or vote third party. The GOP has apparently not learned anything.

So, GOP take note. The wishy washy candidates you love are not what the voters want. Period. And don't try thinking you can appease us by having every two bit flip flopper you have telling us they are the "conservative choice". Stop thinking we are dumb, and that we are just a bunch of sheep that can be led by someone proclaiming themselves "conservative". We know who the real conservatives are...and are not.

What you, the GOP, fails to understand....or chooses to that we conservatives are informed. We know what is going on better than you seem to understand, and apparently, we are more informed and concerned about the direction of this nation than you are because we are living it. Every day.

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