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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey Obama, Kermit Gosnell Is What a Real War on Women Looks Like |

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  • At nearly six weeks, the Gosnell trial has something in common with its unborn victims: it has a heartbeat now, and not just in the conservative press. The story is pulsing through the mainstream media, as alive as it’s ever been in the two years since Kermit Gosnell’s conviction. For once, the bloodcurdling accounts–so otherworldly that Snopes had to separate it from urban legend–are receiving the attention the pro-abortion press never wanted to give it.
  • Of course, now that the media has been shamed into doing its job, a handful of reporters can’t help but try to spread the blame around. Taking its cues from Gosnell apologists like NARAL, outlets like Slate, The Atlantic, and Huffington Post have the audacity to condemn pro-lifers for the clinic’s barbarism. If women were forced to go to Gosnell, they claim, then they were “driven there by fear of anti-abortion protestors outside Planned Parenthood facilities.” Others insist that conservatives are exploiting the crimes “to further reduce access to safe, legal abortion,” which, if you’ve read the Delaware news, is a far cry from what Planned Parenthood has been offering.
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Hey Obama, Kermit Gosnell Is What a Real War on Women Looks Like |

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