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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Islam’s Media Apologists Keep Excusing, Ignoring Violence | Media Research Center

The following excerpts are from Media Research Center:
  • On Sept. 11, 2012, riots erupted in Egypt, Libya and now Yemen, ostensibly over what the media call an anti-Muslim Youtube video made in America. In Bengazi, militants murdered the United States ambassador to Libya and three U.S. diplomats.
  • American blood was shed and mobs of Muslims continue to burn American flags and chant “Death to America!” around multiple U.S. consulates. It’s a scene that’s played out on almost a regular basis. A media story (about flushing Korans or other slights to Islam real or imagined) provides some pretext and the “Arab Street” explodes with raging mobs. The ambassador’s death is what sets the current situation apart.
  • In each case the establishment media is quick to tell audiences the violence isn’t representative of Islam, and to explain how sensitive Muslims are about symbols of their religion. Eager to find moderate Muslims, reporters seldom look into the statements of Imams or fact-check the claims of Islamic organizations.
  • Instead, acts of Islamist violence are met with hand-wringing about fragile “diversity,” and backlash, the New York Times did earlier this year with a jihadi massacre of French children. Reports ignore the terrorist designations of militant groups like Boko Haram and fawn over supposedly moderate Islamic religious leaders who end up as leaders of Al Qaeda
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Islam’s Media Apologists Keep Excusing, Ignoring Violence | Media Research Center

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