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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Catholic priest donated $1000 to gay ‘marriage,’ diocese mum |

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  • DULUTH, Minnesota, September 4, 2012 ( - A Catholic priest’s donation to support redefining marriage in Minnesota has been revealed, deepening a rift between a conservative Catholic hierarchy and more liberal subordinates in the blue state over gay ‘marriage.’
  • The Duluth News Tribune reported Sunday that Rev. Peter Lambert of St. Louis Catholic Church in Floodwood had donated $1,000 to Minnesotans United for Families, the group fighting a constitutional marriage amendment, in March.
  • The Diocese of Duluth, where Lambert is stationed, has donated $50,000 to support the traditional marriage amendment. Duluth Diocese spokesman Kyle Eller told the Tribune that Lambert didn’t intend the donation to be a public statement.
  • “It was my understanding that Father Lambert wasn’t aware that the contribution would be made public, and it wasn’t intended to be a public statement,” said Eller, who declined further comment.
  • The diocese didn’t immediately respond to an email from requesting comment Tuesday.
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Catholic priest donated $1000 to gay ‘marriage,’ diocese mum |

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