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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Every Issue is a Moral Issue - Michael Youssef - Townhall Conservative

Here are some excerpts from Mr. Youssef's article:

  • I submit that these so-called "social issues" mean more to "middle America" than Cafferty realizes. We call them "moral issues." To us, abortion is the slaughter of innocent human life, on a moral level with genocide or the slave trade.
  • What Cafferty doesn't understand is that every issue is a moral issue. The current bad economy didn't just happen. It was the direct result of immoral choices made by our leaders.
  • A candidate who doesn't value innocent life shouldn't be president. In 2002, Barack Obama voted to oppose the Induced Birth Infant Liability Act, outlawing infanticide of babies who survive late-term abortions. Mr. Obama didn't merely vote in favor of abortion, but in favor of killing babies outside the womb. A man whose moral compass is this defective cannot make moral decisions.
  • He promised an end to earmarks, a secure border, no lobbyists in his administration, no recess appointments, airing the healthcare debate on C-SPAN, elimination of failed programs—and he didn't keep even one of those promises. Candidate Obama opposed "same-sex marriage," but as president he nullified the Defense of Marriage Act. A record of broken promises does not equal moral leadership.

    Every Issue is a Moral Issue - Michael Youssef - Townhall Conservative

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