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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dems Call for More Gun Control in Light of Operation Fast and Furious - Katie Pavlich - Townhall Conservative

 The government, that is the BATF, a division of the justice department, engaged in the selling of firearms that they knew would reach the Mexican drug cartels. Weapons they knew would be used to kill innocent people and would be used against American border agents. In fact, "Operation Fast and Furious" as this ATF screwup is known, resulted in border agent Brian A. Terry, 40, being killed on December 14 near Rio Rico, Arizona.

Now in hearings by the House oversight committee, Democratic members of congress are calling for tougher gun control laws.

How about this instead. Why don't people call their representatives in congress and tell them clearly, that we want those persons responsible for "Operation Fast and Furious" held to9 the highest standards of the law, and that all involved in this stupid operation be charged and prosecuted, even if it goes all the way to the very top of our government.

To find out where and how you can contact your representative go to this website and click on your state on the map. You will then see a list of your U.S. Senators and members of the hose, complete with their Washington office phone numbers, fax numbers, and a link to his or her's online contact form.

Below are a couple of excerpts from Townhall columnist Katie Pavlich's article:

  • "The report calls for improvement of the nation’s gun laws “to assist law enforcement agents in their efforts to counter drug violence and firearms trafficking by Mexican drug cartels,” stating these are “common sense” ways to help.
  • “ATF tracing data indicates that the number of U.S. firearms seized in Mexico is increasing dramatically,” the report states.
  • Once again, U.S. government officials have been illegally trafficking the firearms, therefore more gun laws won’t stop illegal trafficking and will only punish law abiding citizens and impose on Second Amendment rights."
 Read the full article by clicking below:

Dems Call for More Gun Control in Light of Operation Fast and Furious - Katie Pavlich - Townhall Conservative

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