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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - Media Research Center - Media Research Center

60 Minutes' Safer Grills 'Right-Wing Conservative' NY Archbishop, Urges Catholic Church to be More Liberal.
Morley Safer's questions, his attitude show just how "out of touch" the agenda driven mainstream media is when it comes to understanding the Catholic Church. They don't understand doctrine, they don't understand the teachings, because they believe that what man wants today is more important than what God wants for man. They... Safer and his contemporaries in the media, and those outside of the media as well... who support abortion, artificial birth control, same sex "marriage", and question celibacy within the Catholic Church, all believe that the Church, and that God should "change with the times". What they fail to understand is that what God has established... His truths... do not change and are eternal

Man may change....the times may change...but God and His law never changes. This is what the Catholic Church...what Pope Benedict XVI....what Archbishop Timothy Dolan...recognizes, believes, and teaches.

You can read the article from the Media Research Center by clicking the title above or by clicking here. You can also read the full transcript and story by clicking here.

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