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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Iraqis Fear ISIS Using Small Children As 'Human Shields, Trafficking'

Rosalinda, 4, with her uncle (Courtesy of The Sunday Times).

The following excerpts are from

Iraqis have sounded the alarm over the fate of small children kidnapped by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group, saying they were either used as "human shields" or victims for "human trafficking."

Steven Nabil, a popular Iraqi activist on Facebook, helped an Iraqi Christian woman disseminate her plea via a video for "good Iraqis" to bring back her three-year-old daughter Christina Abada.

...In an additional case, another Iraqi citizen expressed concern about the fate of his kidnapped 4-year-old niece, saying she is being used by ISIS as a human shield.

Mirze Ezdin, an Iraqi lawyer, told The Sunday Times he was terrified for the future of his niece Rosalinda, 4, who is among an estimated 3,000 children and women believed to be held hostage as "human shields" in the ISIS-controlled border town of Tal'Afar.

The uncle also fears for his other 45 relatives who were also snatched by the militant group.

Last week, Ezdin's family told The Sunday Times of the horrors inflicted on their children and wives. The family said their relatives lived under 24-hour house arrest in a town transformed into an open prison.

The family also described to the daily the terror of rape, of concerns that young girls were being sold into sex slavery, of little boys being taught to kill and of babies dying from malnutrition.

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Iraqis Fear ISIS Using Small Children As 'Human Shields, Trafficking'

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