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Monday, July 1, 2013

NAACP Attacks Arizona Bill Prohibiting Abortions Based on Race |

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  • Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a motion to intervene Monday in a lawsuit filed by a branch of the NAACP and others against an Arizona bill that prohibits gender- and race-based abortions.
  • Alliance Defending Freedom represents the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Steve Montenegro, and The Frederick Douglass Foundation. Also moving to intervene is Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery, who is empowered to enforce the Arizona law.
  • “Every innocent life deserves to be protected, and that’s especially true of babies being targeted for death simply because of their sex or race,” said Senior Counsel Casey Mattox. “There is nothing medically necessary or constitutionally protected about an abortion that is committed on the basis of sex or race, and the NAACP should be opposed to such a practice more than anyone.”
  • Represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP’s Maricopa County branch is suing together with the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. Together the groups claim that the Arizona law is unconstitutional and stigmatizes minorities for their decision to have an abortion.
  • “It is a tragic injustice to discriminate against unborn babies because of their race or gender,” said Montenegro, primary sponsor of HB 2443. “The public must not be misled by misinformation aimed solely at dismantling a law that gives every child the equality he or she deserves.”
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NAACP Attacks Arizona Bill Prohibiting Abortions Based on Race |

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