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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scientists Claim They Have Cloned Human Embryos for Stem Cells |

The following excerpts are from
  • Researchers in Oregon claimed they have succeeded in producing cloned human embryos and obtained their embryonic stem cells.
  • They have engaged in the grisly research with the goal of producing genetically matched stem cells for research and possible therapies — even though embryonic stem cells have never helped human patients and cause tumors when injected.
  • The Oregon Health & Science University  scientists published today a paper in the online journal Cell reporting on the use of cloning techniques to produce human embryos, 21 of whom they were able to sustain to the point in development at which stem cells were present, after which the human embryos were killed and the stem cells harvested.
  • Leading pro-life advocates quickly condemned the clone and kill methods that destroyed unique human beings.
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