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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Supreme Court stops Reproductive Health law for 4 months | Sun.Star

The following excerpts are from Cebu City Sun Star:
  • The Supreme Court (SC) temporarily stopped on Tuesday the implementation of the Reproductive Health (RH) law, which is set to take effect on Easter Sunday, March 31.
  • The RH or Responsible Parenthood Law (Republic Act 10354), which provides state funding for contraceptives, was passed by lawmakers late last year despite the Church's opposition, but petitioners questioned its legality on several grounds, saying it offends religious beliefs and fosters abortion, which remains illegal in the country.
  • Voting 15-5 in favor of 10 separate petitions, the SC justices issued a status quo ante (SQA) order, which has the same effect of stopping an assailed ruling but is issued to preserve the status before the filing of a petition, said SC Public Information Office chief Theodore Te.
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