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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Judges reject lawsuit and nix restraining order by gay sex offender against pro-family group |

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  • A federal judge has recommend the dismissal of a one million dollar lawsuit filed by homosexual activist and convicted sex offender Adam Flanders against the Massachussetts pro-family organization MassResistance and its president, Brian Camenker.
  • The lawsuit was filed in response to MassResistance’s publication of a public letter written by Flanders in 2007 and sent to at least two organizations, which was also published by a local newspaper, on whose website the letter still appears.  The letter claimed to expose sexual improprieties and abuses attributed to adult leaders of a homosexual youth group in his town, and spoke of Flanders’ own sexual interactions with minors after he had reached the age of 18.
  • Flanders was later convicted of sexual abuse of a minor in a different case, for which he is on the Maine sex offender registry.  He was also convicted of assaulting one of the boys with whom he had had a sexual relationship at the youth club exposed in his letter, as well as the boy’s father, in 2008.  Flanders attacked both victims with a knife, although the severity of their wounds is not clear. He was convicted of two counts of aggravated assualt, two counts of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, violation of a protective order from harassment, tampering with a witness, and other charges.
  • MassResistance’s attorneys employed by the Thomas More Society, have successfully moved Flanders’ lawsuit to federal court, where U.S. Magistrate Judge Margaret J. Kravchuk notes that Flanders has failed to substantiate his accusations against MassResistance and Camenker.
  • “I recommend that all counts of the complaint be dismissed with prejudice,” writes Kravchuk in her ruling, adding that, while “Flanders has had ample opportunity to fully state his claims” he “has failed to state a claim, and dismissal with prejudice is warranted.”
  • If recommendation of dismissal of the claim with prejudice is accepted, it will leave the matter permanently settled. According to Camenker, Flanders has appealed the decision.
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Judges reject lawsuit and nix restraining order by gay sex offender against pro-family group |

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